History of the Thai Bar Association

เมื่อ พ.ศ. ๒๔๖๙ โรงเรียนกฎหมายในสมัยสภานิติศึกษาและเนติบัณฑิตยสภาได้ย้ายมาอยู่ที่ห้างแบทแมนเก่า เยื้องสะพานผ่านพิภพลีลา

Having emerged from a law school, the Thai Bar Association was brought into existence in consistent with King Rama V’s policy to promote justice and legal etiquette in light of national development. The king graciously proclaimed an establishment of the Ministry of Justice on March 25, Rattakosin Era 110 (B.E. 2434). HRH Prince Rabi Badhanasakdi (Krom Luang Ratchaburi Direkrit) was the third Minister of Justice commencing his duty on March 3, Rattanakosin Era 115 (B.E.2439). Apart from improving the court administration, he further contributed himself to his father’s mission through as organization of a law school in Rattanakosin Era 116 (B.E. 2440) and the first Thai barrister examination in the same year. He was initially personally responsible for the administration of the entities; however, they were later transferred to be located under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice with the law school under the responsibility of the Minister.

The Thai Bar Association was organized following the king’s initiative to promote legal education and profession, as well as to maintain the grace of all lawyers. In December B.E. 2457, the king granted his note signed at the end stipulating the duties and scope of responsibility of the Thai Bar Association. He suggested Chao Phraya Aphai Raja, the Minister of Justice, to seek advice from Krom Luang Sawasdiwatwattanawisit, the first Minister of Justice and Director General of the Supreme Court, in selecting a board of committee who would look into the rules and guidelines of the Thai Bar Association and considered whether they are in compliance with the king’s note. The revised draft was proposed back to the king. He then made certain corrections and revisions. The Thai Bar Association regulation was enacted on January 1, B.E. 2457 after the king’s approval. The Thai Bar Association began to perform its duty under the royal patronage. In this regard, January 1, B.E. 2457 marked the birth of the Thai Bar Association.

On January 5, B.E. 2457, King Rama VI officially entered the Ministry of Justice Court. Upon this opportunity, the king, according to the proposal of Chao Phraya Aphai Raja, the Minister of Justice, was awarded an honorary barrister-at-law certificate and a Thai barrister gown. The king’s initial appears in the Thai barrister record of fulfillment. It was the king’s idea to develop Thai barrister gowns which were granted to all Thai barristers during his reign.

In B.E. 2491, a Legal Training institute was set up as an organ of the Thai Bar Association. Class instruction and training began in November of the same year. Its curriculum was based on legal education council, the United Kingdom and the resolutions of the International Bar Association of which Thailand was a member.

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